WEBworks is a pioneering and innovative autistic-led project originating from Arts Council funded research. We are a peer support and mentoring group of autistic and neurodivergent creatives. WEBworks is currently supported through Arts Council funding for specific project work. We also count on the support of our partners and partner organisations.

WEBworks artists

Sonia Boué


Hugh Pryor

Katherine May

Naomi Morris

Rhiannon Lloyd Williams

Sonja Zeliç


Our current venture provides a platform for WEBworks artists on the #NUNO Neither Use Nor Ornament exhibition programme alongside MfOR artists.

Our work is also involves advising, and providing services for arts organisations.

WEBworks’ research focus is autistic professionalism in creative practice.

The transcript for a recent talk about autism in freelance creative practice, hosted by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and Pitt Rivers Museum, is available on the WEBworks blog.

Sonia Boué  – August 2018


  • Autism and systemic ableism in arts networks.

    April 15, 2018 drawing of a little girl with a bunch of flowers looking at a doll sized woman sitting on some stepsNetwork ableism is an under explored topic. Sonia Boué has written a new blog post about autistic artists and the problems of networking in neurotypical systems. Encountering ableism in the Arts Council funding system she seeks to uncover serious inequities in the application process. First published on The Other Side. My name is Sonia Boué and ... read more...
  • Professional development & opportunity the WEBworks way – new film by Naomi Morris

    April 4, 2018 a blue and grey landscape painting with collaged female figure in a long red skirt . hanging in front of the painting is a pair of wooden castanetsCommissioned to make a short film response to MfOR, Naomi Morris has chosen to focus on the practice of project lead Sonia Boué. A lyrical and sensitive reading of her mentor’s practice Naomi shares her own insight into what it means to work with objects as language. Naomi’s film will be used in a forthcoming series ... read more...
  • Professional development decoded #creativecase #actuallyautistic

    March 29, 2018 a woman with short hair and glasses talking and gesturing in front of a small group of people  Professional development and funding bid success as an autistic artist is a long road. I’m back at the coalface of the Grantium portal, but this time I’m making a higher level funding bid for a complex socially engaged project very close to my heart. Once more I feel I’m facing Everest. The step up feels immense as I ... read more...
  • WEBworks at Modern Art Oxford

    December 8, 2017 a black and white photgraph of a woman sitting on the floor pulling on a tangle of ropes some of which are wrapped around her bodyPhotograph of an informal performance at Modern Art Oxford's gallery spaces in response to the Hannah Ryggen exhibition Woven Histories, by WEBworks artist Naomi Morris. Session facilitated by MAO Galley Manager, Kay Sentence. read more...
  • Out of the Ashes – Sonia Boué’s talk for TORCH at Pitt Rivers Museum. #autism

    November 15, 2017 autismOut of the Ashes – notes from the frontline of creative practice on the boundaries of visibility. #autism My talk for: Untold Tales of Neurodivergence and Mental Health in Oxford, a panel hosted by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and Pitt Rivers Museum. Pod cast also available. My talk today is about navigating the rapids of ... read more...