Sonja Zelić

Sonja’s Proposal for NUNO:

Going back to film work started in 2008, Sonja is working with a range of material — film/video created in the course of her practice, old VHS clips her father recorded from the TV, an audio interview with him, and ephemera/objects.

“My father was born in a country that no longer exists — Yugoslavia. He left to look for work at the age of 14. His experiences continue to affect my life as a reverberating, ever present echo, that is reflected in images of migrants in the news and media today.”

In dis-assembling and juxtaposing this disparate source material she hopes to find a space where words and images can collide and make new meanings.

“NUNO has also inspired me to think about a possible collaboration, which could produce further responses.”

Sonja Zelić has worked across art forms, and collaborated with a diverse range of artists and audiences. Having spent much of her life thinking about how we communicate, her work is informed by stories, conversations, research, and personal experience — exploring relationships between the physical, social, and emotional environment; and languages and spaces in which to collaborate and communicate meaningfully with others.