Rhi Lloyd-Williams

Rhi Lloyd-Williams is a poet, playwright, blogger and essayist. She was recently long-listed for The New Welsh Review’s 2018 essay competition for her collection, “The Wrong Kind of Happiness”, about finding balance when you’re autistic.
Her debut play, “The Duck”, is currently touring. It is a one-woman piece exploring the nature of identity and acceptance around the theme of receiving an autism diagnosis.
Rhi has been writing about her own autism on her blog, AutistRhi.com, for several years, using her lyrical style to communicate what autism means to her.

Rhi’s work for ‘Neither Use Nor Ornament’, isa collection of poems written in response to the work produced by the other artists. By expressing her personal reaction, she explores the connections we make through art and the duality of creation and reception as a form of communication. Her writing often relies on the expression of a multi-layered sensory environment, which can be tailored to the varied and diverse forms of art, bringing connection and cohesion in the form of reaction and response.

Listen to Rhiannon reading her NUNO project poems.
These poems are also available as a downloadable ebook