Object of Desire

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This playful guest post from object artist and songwriter Elena Thomas is about objects we desire or indeed need to make progress in our work. Objects can facilitate – change what we can do, can they even change us? Objects as enablers is an intriguing and joyful prospect for The Museum to contemplate. I love Elena’s ability to expand the scope of this enterprise and look forward to the fruits of her first mic.


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This museum of objects then…
Does the object have to be old?
Does the object have to be something I already own?

Can it be something shiny and new?
Can it be something I covet?
Can it be an object I have already imbued with hope and change, before I’ve even got my hands on it?

Can it be a microphone?

It is already symbolic for me.
My first microphone

Like my first car… my first house… my first album (Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon… I KNOW!!)

Music has always been a part of my life… it has bumbled along in the background, it has burst out of bedroom windows, and crackled through the car stereo.

I cannot believe that it is only in the last few very recent years it has actually been PART of my work. Why didn’t I know I could do this? I feel like Manny in Black Books, who suddenly and accidentally discovers he can play the piano! (if you haven’t seen it, it’s on Youtube, go find it!)

I have written poems, usually daft ones at school, and later on the occasional ode of love and lust gained and lost.

But music? I don’t know anything about music except what I like, and that it excites me, soothes me, restores balance to my over-excitable, over-emotional life.

I have always sung too… sung along, that is… school choir, shower, very rare karaoke, and drunken crooning.

And now I sing. Now, I sing songs that I have written. This week, just this week, it got serious.

My musical mentor said “Get yourself a decent mic to plug into your mac and your iPad”.

It was a cast off sentence… it meant nothing to him other than we need my recordings to be of a higher quality.

But it is symbolic in that it means I have a voice worth recording at a higher quality.
It is symbolic of this change.
It is imbued with hope that I can live up to expectations.

Black Books clip here