Neither Use Nor Ornament

a black vintage handbag with gold clasp and hinges

The Museum for Object Research & WEBworks will be presenting a new project in the spring of 2019 entitled, Neither Use Nor Ornament, in collaboration with the OVADA Gallery in Oxford.

OVADA Gallery

Neither Use Nor Ornament comprises 14 artists working across neurological boundaries

Think you know about objects? Think you understand people? Think you know about Art?
Join us for a series of creative provocations including:

Dance installation
Photography workshop
Live poetry
Film screening
Durational Perfomance

Neither Use Nor Ornament is the outcome of artist Sonia Boué’s Arts Council England funded research on how to be an autistic project lead and bring two distinct professional networks together; one network predates her autism diagnosis and the other was formed in response to her findings.

The result is an inclusive collaboration at the heart of which will be an exhibition focusing on the use of objects in 8 creative practices.

6 autistic creatives will present a supporting programme of events to run concurrently.

Neither Use Nor Ornament as a term of disparagement will be subverted.

This project is Arts Council England funded and seeks to redress an imbalance of perception and assumptions about autistic people. Here you will encounter autistics as creative instigators, organisers, and equals among our non-autistic peers on the project.

Watch this space for details of exhibiting artists and the events programme!