Patrick Goodall

Patrick Goodall
Patrick Goodall – Museum for Object Research

Patrick Goodall explains his proposal for the Museum for Object Research’s future exhibition.

Here’s some loose imagery to give you some idea of my loose thinking.

I seem to have settled on the dental headrest as an object that connects with a memory of being anaesthetised as a boy at the dentist. I remember the mask and counting and a very languid drift into oblivion. Something otherworldly…

I remember being led out of the room by my mother feeling as if something fundamental had changed. Going down the staircase to the street was perilous as I felt rubbery legged and kind of seasick. The space of the stairwell seemed fluid, elastic in dimension. I gradually recovered in the car on the journey home.

I guess I was maybe eight. The dentist later became known as James the Butcher, as he was found to be carrying out unnecessary work. I don’t know whether to thank him for expanding my consciousness and revealing the slippery nature of reality, or to blame him for my ongoing fascination for intoxication and its downsides.

I’m going to look into 60’s dentistry and possibly maybe use some of my oxygen therapy equipment (cluster headache), definitely not euphoric…
I’m experimenting with the suspended anvil hanging by a thread, something to do with weight and torpor and balancing that against the support of the headrest, either on the black plinth or the surveyor’s tripod. I may use magnets and iron powder with the anvil or the headrest to denote invisible energies. I may cover the entire tripod with black glue gun glue to suggest a more fluid and flowing structure (see pic of a piece called Tarman, an action man apparently trying to run through tar) it may drip down the threads and flow onto the anvil and ooze and dangle like tarry black candle wax drips…

I don’t think I’ll use Duckman and his pint of Guinness!

I keep thinking of Epstein’s Rockdrill, but his figure is all too present, mine is more implied by the headrest…it would be interesting to include some reference to the stairwell, maybe Esher-like…

It’s dawning on me now (as I type I’m keeping an eye on a kinetic piece driven by a mirror ball motor which is veerrrry slowly winding a pile of VHS tape up into a twisted, attenuated monolith of glossy dark ribbon- see Instagram @artpicklepot) that I could have this monolith happening inside the legs of the tripod, but that may be overkill, I am trying to edit more, but it’s hard when ideas start racing.

So apologies for the stream of consciousness writing, my thoughts are rarely organised, my work kind of occurs to me organically, ideas race like domino runs, forking and hitting blind alleys but somehow usually moving forward, surprising me with their resolution.