Jenni Dutton

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Read Jenni’s NUNO proposal here.

You can read more of Jenni’s writing  about her NUNO work on our blog.

You can follow Jenni on:
Twitter: @JenniDutton
Instagram: @jennidutton9342
Jenni writes:
“I trained at St Martins and Byam Shaw School of Art in London. I use a wide variety of materials and techniques to explore issues around memory, identity and loss through the subject of the female form.

At the time I met Sonia Boué on twitter I was artist in residence at Priests House museum in Dorset, working in their archive with a selection of broken dolls.
This interest became a bit of an obsession and I still continue to use dolls in my work when I can.
I am currently interested in portraits and the concept of ageing and loss, as can be seen in the Dementia Darnings and the Absurd Sewn Selfies and also in my Passport Portrait Paintings.”

Jenni Dutton. Passport portraits
Jenni Dutton. Passport portraits