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Join us for the opening of Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO) at OVADA, Oxford, on Saturday 30th March 2019 (12-9pm).
Neither Use Nor Ornament showcases the work of 14 artists, including writers, who engage with objects in their practice and includes performance, photography, new writing, art walks, sound art, drawing, digital art, sculpture and installation.
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The Museum for Object Research is a resource and a showcase for artists whose work with objects forms the core of their practice.

The Museum houses two further live projects, which have developed through Arts Council England awards, called WEBWorks and Neither Use Nor Ornament (#NUNOproject)


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  • étude in Z –

    I am happy inside this mental clement space, this suspended moment in time and place, just from having found these objects which reach back into time, connecting me to the individual journeys that each item undertook while in my father’s possession. He is gone now, but a part of him – known and mysteriously ... read more...
  • Dead or alive: the permanence of objects versus the fragility of human existence

    Themes of loss and remembrance are present in a lot of the work I make and reflect my fascination with the permanence of objects versus the fragility of human existence – crucially, how things outlive people. The histories associated with everyday objects give the work its meaning, not solely for me, but for an audience ... read more...
  • All Things Considered…help there’s a live object artist in the room! #NUNO

      Hello! I recently attended the most marvellous conference in Cork. I’ve come away refreshed and reminded that conferences can be both stimulating for artistic practice, and also provide a framework for what we artists do. I love a good conference. All Things Considered  had a lovely spirit and provided an unusually good fit with my own areas ... read more...
  • Portrait of My Father?

    Perfume BottleHello there, it’s Sonia Boué. I thought I’d write a quick blog post, but keep it mainly visual. The Museum for Object Research (Arts Council England funded)  #NUNO project is well under way. In fact we’re approaching our fourth month! We have a show and exhibition programme to pull together, and we’ll be making a film ... read more...
  • 10×10 at 10 – by Kate Murdoch

    10x10 artwork by Kate MurdochOctober 10th, 2018 marked ten years since I first presented 10×10. 10×10 started its journey as part of Deptford X fringe festival in 2008. Ten years on, my intention was to return to the Art Hub studio space in Deptford, SE London, the venue where it was first launched. It was all set for 10×10 to ... read more...
  • Still in Motion – a solo exhibition of experimental photography by Hugh Pryor

    Photograph of figures in a landscape at night with trails of light.Hugh Prior’s fantastic solo exhibition, Still In Motion, kicks off the Arts Council England Funded, Neither Use Nor Ornament Project (#NUNO) at Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford. 31 October 2018 – 4 February 2019Monday to Saturday 9am – 6pm FREEThe Old Fire Station, Oxford Image copyright Hugh Prior  Image copyright Hugh Prior 2017 read more...
  • 1.2..3…4….5…..6……7…….8……..9………100

    a woman standing before a bright screen with blue, white and dark red lines of light and shadow surrounding her   Performance by Naomi Morris. Photographs by Hugh Pryor Link to Streamed Video of Naomi’s Neither Use Nor Ornament Research Performance  read more...
  • A Personal History of Art Therapy in less than 100 Objects

    Objects Exhibition FlyerAt the Museum for Object Research we love to support related work and events. This fascinating exhibition opens 10th September in Sheffield at the Chapel Walk Gallery! It includes contributions by two of our MfOR project artists Dave Edwards and Sonia Boué – indeed creator and curator of the exhibition is Dave Edwards himself. We’ll keep ... read more...
  • Neither Use Nor Ornament

    a black vintage handbag with gold clasp and hingesThe Museum for Object Research & WEBworks will be presenting a new project in the spring of 2019 entitled, Neither Use Nor Ornament, in collaboration with the OVADA Gallery in Oxford. Neither Use Nor Ornament comprises 14 artists working across neurological boundaries Think you know about objects? Think you understand people? Think you know about Art? Join us for ... read more...
  • Arts Council England say YES!

    Arts Council say YES!We are open for business again! Arts Council England have awarded The Museum for Object Research funding for an ambitious project bringing together findings from our R&D (research & development) phase!! This means that our Artists will exhibit their work in realtime at the OVADA gallery space in March – April 2019. We will finally bring our blog to ... read more...