Museum for Object Research

Join us for the opening of Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO) at OVADA, Oxford, on Saturday 30th March 2019 (12-9pm).
Neither Use Nor Ornament showcases the work of 14 artists, including writers, who engage with objects in their practice and includes performance, photography, new writing, art walks, sound art, drawing, digital art, sculpture and installation.
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The Museum for Object Research is a resource and a showcase for artists whose work with objects forms the core of their practice.

The Museum houses two further live projects, which have developed through Arts Council England awards, called WEBWorks and Neither Use Nor Ornament (#NUNOproject)


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  • Shifting around and light bulb moments…by Sonia Boué

    Originally posted here Today my task in the studio was to adapt my working space. Yet again the objects that surround me were in flux. How many times have I arranged and rearranged, destroying one order and function to create another? The studio had become an installation for a weekend of Open Studios and while this is ... read more...
  • Guest post by Elena Thomas!

    Originally posted here Thank you Elena for stepping up with a fantastic first piece for the museum! Handling quite beautifully the power of objects to suggest narrative and provide a springboard for creative elaborations her post enables a tantalising glimpse of one object artist’s practice. I wonder if this rings any bells with other object artists? The ... read more...