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Join us for the opening of Neither Use Nor Ornament (NUNO) at OVADA, Oxford, on Saturday 30th March 2019 (12-9pm).
Neither Use Nor Ornament showcases the work of 14 artists, including writers, who engage with objects in their practice and includes performance, photography, new writing, art walks, sound art, drawing, digital art, sculpture and installation.
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The Museum for Object Research is a resource and a showcase for artists whose work with objects forms the core of their practice.

The Museum houses two further live projects, which have developed through Arts Council England awards, called WEBWorks and Neither Use Nor Ornament (#NUNOproject)


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  • Lost and Found

    Originally posted here This is a painting by my father, José García Lora, painted eleven years into his life-long exile from Spain, due to the Spanish Civil War. My father died in 1989, and it is one of the most precious objects I own. My mother gave it to me for the Barcelona in a Bag project back ... read more...
  • Tread Carefully

    a photograph of the corner of a patterned floor rug. a woman's blurred hand is at the top of the imageOriginally posted here Tread Carefully We bought a rug in Tunisia but they kidded us. “I am your waiter – don’t you remember me?” Cajoled onto his catacomb tour; one thousand year eyes stared up at us. “My friend’s shop is better value – it is government controlled” he said. So we descended cold stone to the showroom below. “This one ... read more...
  • 63 Objects From My Son’s Mouth

    Originally posted here 63 Objects From My Son’s Mouth, is a project by artist Lenka Clayton, documenting the objects she found in and removed from her baby son’s mouth. The Museum is extremely grateful to object artist Kate Murdoch for the link to this beautiful presented yet challenging piece. Artist Elena Thomas reacts: My initial response to this list of objects was ... read more...
  • The Apron

    Originally posted here This blog post appears as the Museum begins to pick up the threads and we welcome visitors once more after a quiet period. It is written in gratitude for two great gifts – those of friendship and insight. Yet again, here at the Museum we find it is the objects which connect us ... read more...
  • Objects of Use

    Originally posted here The Museum is delighted to host a blog post by artist Elena Thomas – our first ever contributor – on the theme of “usefulness”. There are exciting developments for the Museum behind the scenes, so watch this space. For now enjoy! Our thanks to Elena for this most thought provoking piece of great relevance to ... read more...
  • Small objects. The pain of Miscarriage.

    Originally posted here The Museum for Object Research is grateful once more to object artist Kate Murdoch for the heads up on a heartbreaking photo project by Dianne Yudelson that deals with miscarriage. It is called Lost and takes on the 11 miscarriages she’s had over the course of several years in the form of a photographic record of ... read more...
  • The Visitors

    Originally posted here The museum has been quiet since a flurry of excitement about the epic Joseph Cornell exhibition at the Royal Academy this Summer. I must confess that I’m finding it increasingly difficult to focus on this space with so much diversification within my own practice. It’s a shame because the museum holds a wonderful collection of blog posts and ... read more...
  • Joseph Cornell – a meeting of minds

    Originally posted here The Museum hosts an unusual blog post about an unusual and supreme object artist. Less about the objects than the neurology, Sonia Boué attempts to explore a like mind. Before taking a break away from work and blogging I took in five major London exhibitions over two days and I am still digesting it ... read more...
  • Reflections on Fisun Güner’s Joseph Cornell Review: Wanderlust, Royal Academy

    Originally posted here Joseph Cornell was the subject of the last blog post, and it’s very fitting indeed for The Museum of Object Research to run another post dedicated to this remarkable object artist. It’s a particular pleasure to provide a link to Fisun Güner’s thoughtful review – I always enjoy Fisun’s perspective as she seems ... read more...
  • Joseph Cornell at the Royal Academy reviewed by Laura Cumming

    Originally posted here I am in awe at the beauty of these works, their breathtaking poetry. If I’m not lucky enough to view this show would any object artists who do like to write their own response for this blog? Send me a message! Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on ... read more...